Calendar Tips:

  • Click on any event for more details.

  • Detail pages have "Event Reminder" forms and "Invite a Friend" forms.  Try it out!

  • The calendar can be downloaded or printed using the icons above the 7-day scroller in the right corner.

  • Use the megaphone icon to subscribe to various options using iCal

  • Under the "Next 7 Days Events" box, select a different month, choose weekly view, choose calendar or list view, and even narrow down to categories to only see selected events.

  • Need to add an event?  Email Grace Notes Editor

  • August Word Calendar-Click here

Calendar Tip:

Calendar events are assigned categories. Right above the top row of the calendar (where the days of the week are listed), you will see an icon with a person and a small triangle beside it. Click on that button and the categories will appear for you to select from. For example, if you want to see just only worship services, simply click on "Worship". All other events will be hidden. If you have trouble finding the icon, see the screenshot.