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Grace Lutheran's Prayer List

Prayer requests should be sent to Lisa in the church office for inclusion on this list. All requests run for four weeks at a time. If a name should continue to be on the list after that time, please contact Lisa again to continue the request for another four weeks. Thank you!


Maria Eckard, Debbie Kinsey, Terrye Bradley, Tom Miller, Sydney Martin, Kris Albers, Frieda Hutchison, Miriam Franklin, Buddy Dewar, Reed Kallestad, Joe McRory, Diane Swan, Penny Weimer, Beatriz Fernandez, Virginia Dix, Amanda Littlefield, Kyle Lewis, Riley Littlefield, Chris Szymanski; Jarret and Sharon Oeltjen; Bev and Eddie Vertuno; Irene and Dan Poole; all those in Leon County impacted by the storm of May 10, and all those involved in clean-up, restoration of power, and emergency response; the people in Israel and in the Gaza Strip, and peace there; the people of Cuba; the people of Haiti; the people of Ukraine; the people of Grace Lutheran Church and our Congregational Council; St. Stephen Lutheran Church and Pastor Tom Holdcraft; the Florida-Bahamas Synod and our Bishop, Pedro Suarez; the ELCA and our Presiding Bishop, Elizabeth Eaton.


Please also lift up:


All the nations of the world and their leaders, that your wisdom, justice and peace may guide their actions; victims of gun violence and the families of those who have been killed, and all those forever changed and traumatized by gun violence; victims of hate crimes. Those impacted by COVID-19, in the United States and worldwide. The homeless and the hungry; military personnel and their families; first responders; those who are incarcerated; healing and answers for all those with chronic pain, disease process or illness; all those whose needs are known only to God.

Prayer Requests


Thank you! Message sent.

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