Grace Lutheran's Prayer List

Nick Pleskovich, Kris Albers, Daryl Nall, Claudia Frese, Karen Lasher, Anita Braun, Rochelle Steinlauf, Dan Poole, Irene Poole, Sallie Robinson, Kevin Robinson, Jackie Barksdale, Benny Dawkins, Misha (Joe) McRory, Maria Eckard, Susan Brafford, Beatriz Fernandez, Trevor Rogers, Susie H., Jessica, Bridget, Jaxson, DJ, Sarah, Christian, Sam, Cam, and Keaton; Anuj and his housemates and co-workers; Jim and Nancy Banks; John and Theresa Fenimore; Pastor Jenn and Rob; Rachel and Laura; Deonne and John; Tom Allen's sister and her family; Gwen Carriere, and her caregiver-daughter, Rachel; Adrie Belcher, her daughters, Bailey & Paisley, and Adrie's half brother, Jacob; the family of Tom McPherson, especially his wife, Janet, daughter, Peg, and brother, Kelly; Theresa Hollar’s daughter-in-law, Suzanne and family; the family of Gail Jeffrey; the Dinsmore family; the Chick family; the congregation of Middle Collegiate Church and Reverend Jacqui Lewis at the destruction of their sanctuary by fire; the people of Grace Lutheran Church and our Congregational Council; St. Stephen Lutheran Church and Pastor Tom Holdcraft; the Florida-Bahamas Synod and our Bishop, Pedro Suarez; the ELCA and our Presiding Bishop, Elizabeth Eaton.



For all the nations of the world and for our country in particular. You are the God of mercy, truth and love. Help us to know your will. Cast away the threads of hate; help us live out your call of forgiveness and reconciliation; and renew our hope and our faith in you. The families and loved ones of the more than 340,000 people in the United States and the 1.82 million worldwide who have died of COVID-19; all those currently dealing with this disease; medical professionals and first responders who risk their safety for the sake of others; all those involved in creating and distributing the vaccines; all those working on a cure; the homeless and the hungry; military personnel and their families; healing and answers for all those with chronic pain, disease process or illness; all those whose needs are known only to God.

Prayer Requests