Grace Lutheran's Prayer List

Barbara Feek, Benny Dawkins, Bill Owen, Trevor Rogers, Gail Jeffrey, Beatriz Fernandez, Matt Hall, Riley Littlefield, Buz Elden, Susan Brafford, Theresa Hollar, Pastor Bob Schaefer, Maria Eckard, Jerry Wennlund, Christopher Rosser, Misha McRory, Sallie Robinson, Kevin Robinson, Jackie Barksdale, Marilyn Price, Dan Poole, Irene Poole, Deonne, John, Jaxson, Robin, Bridget, Jessica; Nancy and Frank Heffner; John and Teresa Fenimore; Pastor Jenn and Rob; Pastor Marianne and her husband, Carl; John, Jenifer and children; Tommy Seal and Dane Conti Seal; Ken and Joyce Staib and baby Mason; Gwen Carriere, and her family; the family of A. J. Koski; the Coe family; the Cropp family; the Dinsmore family; St. Stephen Lutheran Church and Pastor Tom Holdcraft; the Florida-Bahamas Synod and our Bishop, Pedro Suarez; the ELCA and our Presiding Bishop, Elizabeth Eaton; Father Josef Dronsek and all the priests of the Co-cathedral of St. Nicholas in Presov, Slovakia; the village of Hromos, Slovakia. 


All Veterans and their families, for their service and sacrifice; all those who care for our Veterans with the compassion and respect they have earned; all of us as we move forward as a nation; all of our elected officials; and all those on the Supreme Court; military personnel and families; all first responders; relief from the wildfires in the West: those impacted by Hurricanes Zeta, Eta, and Iota; the linemen helping with hurricane recovery; all who are still recovering from previous storms; all those suffering with chronic pain; the homeless and the hungry; all those who have lost their jobs; all those who face eviction; all those suffering with depression and anxiety during this difficult time of Covid 19; all affected by the Covid 19 virus, especially those on the front line; Grace Lutheran as we face the Covid 19 virus; all those whose needs are known only to God.

Prayer Requests