Grace Lutheran's Prayer List

All those affected by Tropical Storm Henri; the people of Haiti, amid earthquake, storm, and political unrest; Pastor Livenson (the head of the Lutheran Church in Haiti) and his colleagues; the people of Cuba; the people of Afghanistan, our service members, and all those impacted by the situation in Afghanistan; Donna Gorman, Barbara Donnelly, Rob Kopacz, Roger Moore, Frieda Hutchison, Chris Szymanski, Nancy Adams, Yancey Adams, Gertie Pyles, Don Beyer, Eileen Gandy, Peggy Elliott, Martin Merzer, Dick Wendt, Maresa Griffin, Sara Straub, Frank White, Pastor Justin Walker, Kimberley Dinsmore, Irene Poole, Dan Poole, Gwen Carriere, Ellen Wendt, Jackie Sweat, Louise Price, Carey Loveland, Mike Bussell, Reed Kallestad, Riley Littlefield, Jennifer Taylor, Joe Aubert, Bill Owen, Buddy Jacobs, Bill Halpine, Kevin Robinson, Jackie Barksdale, Joe McRory, Maria Eckard, Jen C., Bill, Courtney, Becca, Lisa, Jessica; the father of Elisa Casey;  Ashton and Dezaray; Anita and Ralph Braun; Jim and Wendy Akin; Jim and Nancy Banks; Pastor Jenn and Rob; Gordon Evans and family; Kendra Baxter and her parents; Lindsey and family; Adrie Belcher, her daughters, Bailey & Paisley, and Adrie's half brother, Jacob; the family of Thais Whittle; the family of Myrna “Cissy” Beyer; the family of Kay Barrow; the people of Grace Lutheran Church and our Congregational Council; St. Stephen Lutheran Church and Pastor Tom Holdcraft; the Florida-Bahamas Synod and our Bishop, Pedro Suarez; the ELCA and our Presiding Bishop, Elizabeth Eaton.


Please also lift up:


All the nations of the world and their leaders, that your wisdom, justice and peace may guide their actions; victims of gun violence and the families of those who have been killed; victims of hate crimes.


The families in mourning for loved ones lost to COVID-19, in the United States and worldwide; all those currently dealing with this disease; medical professionals and first responders who risk their safety for the sake of others; all those involved in creating and distributing the vaccines.  


The homeless and the hungry; military personnel and their families; those who are incarcerated, and are unable to have visitors, go to chapel, or participate in healthy social interaction; healing and answers for all those with chronic pain, disease process or illness; all those whose needs are known only to God.

Prayer Requests


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