Jenifer Kopacz

Church Pastor

She was called to serve as Pastor of  Grace Lutheran Church April 19th, 2015 and was installed on July 7th of that year.

Anthony Warrington

Director of Music

A "Blessed" musician.  His fingers are simply magical while playing the organ and piano.

Leslie Heffner

Choir Director

With a voice so beautiful, she loves sharing her gift of music

to lead others.

Lisa D. Rubin

Church Office Administrator

Lisa plays a critical role in the day-to-day operating procedures.

The Church

Congregational Council

Grace Lutheran Church Members are represented by a 13-member Congregational Council consisting of the Executive Committee and the Church Committee Chairs. Please feel free to contact any Council Member for praises and/or concerns. All members are welcome to the Council Meetings, held monthly.

The Executive Committee:


  • Jennifer Kopacz, Pastor

  • Joy Becker, President

  • Sharon Piepmeier, Vice-President

  • David Brown, Secretary

  • Peggy Stevens, Treasurer

  • Joy James, Financial Secretary


The Church Committee Chairs:

  • Randi Buehner, Worship & Music

  • Priscilla Heidorn, Stewardship & Finance

  • Open-need volunteer, Property

  • Linda Wolters, Education

  • Joe and Charlene Jennings, Youth

  • Wendy Akin, Community Ministry 

  • Mary Grant, Fellowship

  • Brent Kallestad, Marketing and Promotions

Click here for a list of upcoming Council meetings and important church dates.