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Weekly Announcements 

   For Your Faith-Formation


Grace Lutheran Church         2919 Miccosukee Road        Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 877-5423    Email:     Web:

Facebook: @mygracelutherantally         Twitter: @mygracelutheran

NO LIVE-STREAMING SUNDAY, MAY 28, 2023. Due to employee vacation, the services will not be live-streamed.


WE OFFER TWO WORSHIP SERVICES each Sunday, a 9:00 a.m. Contemporary Service and an 11:00 a.m. Traditional Service.


THE CHANCEL FLOWERS for Sunday, May 28, are given by Lance and Jan Peterson in memory of their parents.


PLEASE JOIN US IN THE FELLOWSHIP HALL between the services for fellowship and refreshments, provided this week by our Fellowship Committee. Please note: There is a signup sheet in the fellowship hall next to the coffee urn. If you would like to host refreshments on a Sunday, please sign up. Contact Mary Grant if any questions. 609-602-0155 or


THE CHURCH OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED on Monday, May 29, for Memorial Day.


PASTOR JENN WILL BE AWAY May 29 – June 5 for vacation. If you have a pastoral emergency, Pastor Tom Holdcraft of St. Stephen Lutheran Church will be on call. His cell phone number is 850-303-3218.


PASTOR JENN WILL BE ATTENDING the ELCA Florida-Bahamas Synod Council and Synod Assembly meetings June 7 – June 10. If you have pastoral emergency during this time, contact Pastor Jenn on her cell phone. 850-800-7197.


DONATE YOUR TIME AND TALENT TO GRACE. We’ve begun collecting the 2023-2024 Time & Talent forms regarding opportunities to serve at Grace. Please thoughtfully consider how you may be able to help. Forms are available in the lobby. Once completed, please place in the offering basket or mail to the church office. Thank you for donating your time & talent toward serving in the mission of Grace Lutheran Church.


SPECIAL REQUEST. We have a different kind of request for assistance from the church office. Crystal Westmeyer, whose Memorial Service Pastor Jenn conducted recently, had a lovely cat named Callie, whom she had adopted from Sara Straub. Callie began living with Crystal's sister, Jean Jacobs, when Crystal went into the hospital. Now, Jean and her family are hoping to find a loving, permanent home for Callie. She is a loving and affectionate cat, who likes human attention. She has been around other animals, but also seems to do well on her own. If you, or someone you know, is interested in providing a stable, loving home for Callie, please contact the church office, or Jean directly, for more information. 


ANNOUNCEMENTS are due by 9:00 a.m. Tuesday. Send to


WEDNESDAY TEXTALK will be taking a break for the summer. See you again in the fall!


QUILTERS MEET on third Thursday each month from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. If questions contact Judy Blancett.


WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING DONATIONS for our beautiful tech desk in the sanctuary. If you would like to make a donation, it is welcome! Please indicate "tech desk" on the memo line of your check and offering envelope. So far, we’ve received a little over $8,000 to offset the $11,800 expense. Thank you!


HAVE YOU NOTICED anything that needs to be replaced or fixed? Please let our Property Committee know! Reach out to Elisa Casey, Daryl Barowicz or Peggy Stevens.


MANNA ON MERIDIAN. Distribution Day is the 3rd Saturday of each month (next on June 17 and Grace will be the lead church for June). For info or to volunteer, contact Penny Rusinko or Burt Von Hoff. Year-round, we collect canned tuna. Please place tuna donations in the “tuna bucket” in the Fellowship Hall. If after hours, you may place in the 'deliveries' bin outside the office doors. Manna can also be supported through your prayers and through monetary donations. Make checks payable to Grace Lutheran Church and place “Manna” on the memo line.  


T-SHIRTS FOR MANNA. Approximately 250 men’s size large or larger gently used t-shirts are needed every month to convert into reusable bags to use on Distribution Day. Please place t-shirts in the Manna basket in the Fellowship Hall.


DO YOU HAVE A TOPIC TO SHARE IN GRACE NOTES, our monthly newsletter? Send Nick Gandy an email at by the 20th of the month prior to publication month.


‘LIKE’ US ON FACEBOOK at or search for us from your Facebook account by placing “Grace Lutheran Church, Tallahassee” in the search bar.



May 28    Marie Harrington and Linda Wolters



May 28     Marie Harrington and Linda Wolters



May 28:    9:00 Nick Gandy            11:00 Karen Bradley

June 4:     9:00 Janet McPherson  11:00 Elisa Casey

June 11:   9:00 Mary Grant             11:00 Tina Frese

June 18:   9:00 Sharon Piepmeier 11:00 Abi Hudson

June 25:   9:00 Bill Pomidor            11:00 Brent Kallestad

July 2:       9:00 Nick Gandy            11:00 Kris-Tena Albers

July 9:       9:00 Mary Grant             11:00 Randi Buehner

July 16:    9:00 Janet McPherson  11:00 Don Blancett

July 23:    9:00 Sharon Piepmeier 11:00 Karen Bradley

July 30:    9:00 Bill Pomidor            11:00 Judy Blancett



May 28:    9:00 Sharon Piepmeier 11:00 Don & Judy Blancett

June 4:     9:00 Janet McPherson  11:00 Randi Buehner, Kathy Van Loo

June 11:   9:00 Mary Grant             11:00  Don & Judy Blancett

June 18:   9:00 Sharon Piepmeier 11:00 Kathy Van Loo, 1 TBA

June 25:   9:00 Janet McPherson  11:00 Don & Judy Blancett

July 2:       9:00 Sharon Piepmeier 11:00 Kris-Tena Albers, Daryl Barowicz

July 9:       9:00 Mary Grant             11:00 Randi Buehner, Paul Schneider

July 16:    9:00 Janet McPherson  11:00 Don & Judy Blancett

July 23:    9:00 Sharon Piepmeier 11:00 Paul Schneider, Kathy Van Loo

July 30:    9:00 Mary Grant             11:00 Kris-Tena Albers, Daryl Barowicz



May 28:    Debra & Jim Nelsen, Janet McPherson

June 11:   Randi Buehner, Mary and Dave Grant

June 25:   Debra & Jim Nelsen, George Ohlin

July 9:       Kris-Tena Albers, Daryl Barowicz, George Ohlin

July 30:    Randi Buehner, Dave & Mary Grant


Grace Lutheran Constitution

Use the button below to access the 2020 updated Constitution. Please be patient, it may take a few minutes to load.

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