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These are the September 3rd Announcements.


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Sunday, September 3, 2021


A WELCOME AND A BIG THANK YOU to Pastor Candace McKibben for being with us this week to lead worship, while Pastor Jenn recovers from her surgery. We are blessed to have her among us to proclaim the word and preside at the Meal. And while she is taking a Sabbath from presiding at worship, Pastor Jenn will be available in case of a pastoral care emergencies – 850-800-7197.


SUNDAY WORSHIP. Each week we offer two worship services on Sunday. Our contemporary service is at 9:00 a.m. and our traditional service is at 11:00 a.m. In the fall we plan to resume our Sunday school program between the services. We hope that you’ll join us. Note: Due to the uptick in coronavirus cases, we ask everyone to please wear a mask when inside, even if vaccinated.


IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND WORSHIP IN PERSON, there is a link for online viewing located in the boxed area of our website at www.gracelutheran.faith.


THE CHANCEL FLOWERS THIS WEEK are given by Don Beyer in memory of his wife Myrna “Cissy” Beyer; and by Paula Slade in memory of her parents.


BE SURE TO JOIN US after worship in the Fellowship Hall for fellowship and refreshments. This Sunday, the Fellowship Committee after will provide coffee. If you would like to host refreshments for an upcoming Sunday, please sign up in the Fellowship Hall. If any questions, contact Mary Grant at grantmlcic@hotmail.com or (609) 602-0155.



Sept. 5    9:00 Bill Pomidor          11:00 Elisa Casey

Sept. 12  9:00 Joy Becker             11:00 Tina Frese

Sept. 19  9:00 Nick Gandy            11:00 Kris-Tena Albers

Sept. 26  9:00 Randi Buehner      11:00 Karen Bradley



Sept. 12  Debra & Jim Nelsen, George Ohlin 

Sept. 26  Randi Buehner, Sallie Wetzel, Daryl Barowicz

Oct. 10    Paul & Peggy Schneider, Daryl Barowicz 

Oct. 31    Debra & Jim Nelsen, George Ohlin 


THE CHURCH OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED on Monday and Tuesday, September 6th & 7th, for the Labor Day holiday and the following day.


WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOUR NEW KEYBOARDIST WHILE ALSO HELPING HIM OUT? Jackie needs a ride home after the 11am worship service on Sundays! He's currently getting around town via Uber, and - at least when he's coming to and from church for worship - we'd like to help him out. Usually, he's ready to head out shortly after the service ends, but he can also hang out for a bit if you want to go to the Fellowship Hour. If you can help, there is a signup sheet at the church - or you can call the church office for assistance. Jackie's gift of music is a blessing to Grace - let's help him out!


IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE OR INFORMATION, please contact the church office by phone (850-877-5423) or email (graceluthch@earthlink.net). If you need immediate pastoral care assistance, please contact Pastor Jenn on her cell at 850-800-7197. Thanks!


DEADLINE FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS - Please email announcements to Lisa Rubin in the church office at graceluthch@earthlink.net by 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning.


GRACE NOTES NEWSLETTER DEADLINE is the 20th of the month prior to publication month. Please send submissions to Grace Notes Editor, Nick Gandy, at ngandyman@yahoo.com. Thank you!


NOTE! OKTOBERFRST SIGN-UP IS NECESSARY BY SEPTEMBER 10th. Join us for “The Worst of Germany” on Sunday, October 3rd, after the 2nd service. We need to know who will be attending so we know how much to buy. Sign-up sheet for attendance and sides/desserts to bring is on a table in the lobby. Take out is provided for those who can’t attend in person. Sides can be dropped off at church. If you are not able to sign up at church, contact Mary Grant, grantmlcic@hotmail.com or (609) 602-0155.  


STEWARDSHIP – FELLOWSHIP HOMECOMING DINNER, hosted by the church, will be held on Sunday, September 26th, after the 2nd service. The sign-up sheet is on a table in the lobby. No sides needed - just your company is all we need. If questions, contact Mary Grant, grantmlcic@hotmail.com or (609) 602-0155.  


THE FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEE IS BUSY PLANNING MORE FUN THINGS in the coming months, including a themed “737 Trip to Australia” and a rock painting activity, where we will paint them then spread them around Tallahassee. It’ll be fun and it’s another way to get Grace’s name out there. If you’re interested in either of these events or if you’d like to help with planning the Australia trip, please contact Mary Grant either by email grantmlcic@hotmail.com or at (609) 602-0155. 


MANNA ON MERIDIAN. Please place your tuna donations in the tuna bucket in the Fellowship Hall when you are here on Sunday. During the week, you can bring them in through the church office entrance, or after office hours you can leave them in the 'deliveries' bin outside the office doors. You can also support Manna through your prayers as well as through monetary donations. Please make checks payable to Grace Lutheran Church and place “Manna on Meridian” on the memo line. Thank you for your faithful support of this ministry.


TECH VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED. We need some folks to help us out with running our technical equipment during our services. If this is of interest to you, please contact Leslie Heffner (heffnerl@gmail.com) to be put on a list for tech volunteers. She will be training individuals who would like to volunteer at the tech desk during the service.


OFFERING COUNTERS NEEDED. If you are interested or have questions, contact Peggy Stevens (peggysFL64@gmail.com), Ken Davis (ken.davis@mail.com) or Beverly Davis (beverly@jackson-davis.com). We plan to count twice per month. Our goal is to have enough volunteers to be able to rotate 4 groups of three people.


BE SURE TO ‘LIKE’ US ON FACEBOOK to follow our postings and live steams. You’ll find us at: www.facebook.com/mygracelutherantally/ or search for us from your Facebook account by placing “Grace Lutheran Church, Tallahassee” in the search bar.



Our Stewardship Campaign will be kicking off soon. Below is a message from our Stewardship & Finance Committee Co-Chairperson, Beverly Davis:



Ken and I moved from Jacksonville to Monticello a little over 3 years ago. We happily downsized from a big house in the suburbs to a much smaller “cabin” on 31 acres. Despite the deer eating all my flowers and living side by side with our gator/racoon/coyote/turkey neighbors, we have been very happy. 


But if you’ve moved you know that it takes a while before you unearth all the important stuff like ALL your flop flops (because you packed them with the Christmas ornaments – who does that?) Or finally making an all-out effort to locate your real blow dryer because your travel one is starting to trip the circuit. Or all the great poems, quotes and prayers you’ve saved over the years. Here is one of my favorites that I think is especially helpful when any of us asks ourselves what is that the Lord asks us to do. 


I do not want to see you now and make only a passing visit. I hope to spend some time with you, if the Lord permits. I Corinthians 16:7 NIV


“The ideal gift is…yourself. Give an hour of your time.  Give a note of encouragement. Give a hug of affirmation. Give a visit of mercy. Give a meal you prepared. Give a word of compassion. Give a deed of kindness.” ~ The Quest for Character. P. 177


Beverly Davis

A fellow worker with you in the fields of the Lord


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