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These are the November 29th Announcements.


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Sunday, November 29, 2020



Please remember that an RSVP is required and the deadline for making your reservation is Thursday by 5:00 p.m. We have a "Reservation Link" on our website at https://www.gracelutheran.faith/


You must to go to the site to make your reservation (and you will need to go online and RSVP each week in order to register to attend that week). Reservations from previous weeks do not carry forward. All people who will be in your party need to be listed in your reservation. This way, we can keep an accurate count, as we have a 50-person maximum allowed in the building.


We are now offering the sacrament of Holy Communion for those attending worship. There is a place on the reservation page to indicate whether or not you wish to participate, so we’ll know whether to place the elements at your seat.


If you are not able to make an on-line reservation, you may call the church office by the Thursday reservation deadline at (850) 877-5423 and we will be glad to assist you in adding you and your family members or guests to the RSVP list. 


CHAIRS WILL BE SET UP for each person and each group, so the number in each party is important information. Of course, everyone will be spread out as far as possible.


BE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO on our website if you plan to attend worship. This video shows our new in-person worship procedures. This way, you will be able to feel comfortable with protocols that everyone is expected to follow.


MASKS ARE REQUIRED. Our primary goal is for everyone to feel and BE safe. Masks are of course required from the time you exit your vehicle to the time you re-enter your vehicle. Please, even though it will be hard, do not shake hands, or do fist bumps, and please, no hugs. Please stay 6 feet away from everyone. As mentioned above, the video explains all the procedures. This will hopefully help you feel comfortable with the necessary changes.


IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO ATTEND WORSHIP IN-PERSON you will still be able to go to our website at https://www.gracelutheran.faith/ and click on a link in the green box on the home page to view the worship service online. There will also be a link to the bulletin, so that you can follow along in the service.


MORE INFORMATION about this service, as well as a few other things, will be available on our Facebook page at:  






THE CHURCH OFFICE IS CONTINUING TO OPERATE; however, we ask that you not enter the office itself as the building continues to remain closed and will remain closed, although in-person worship has resumed. Calling 850-877-5423 or emailing graceluthch@earthlink.net are the best ways to reach out. In case of a pastoral care emergency, please contact Pastor Jenn on her cell at 850-800-7197.

THE CHURCH OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED for the Thanksgiving Holidays on Thursday, Nov. 26 and Friday November 27. If you have a pastoral emergency, please call Pastor Jenn on her cell at 850-800-7197. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

THE ALTAR FLOWERS FOR THIS SUNDAY are given to the glory of God.



Nov. 29   Brian Ewald

Dec. 6     Elisa Casey

Dec. 13   Nick Gandy  

Dec. 20   Mary Grant

Dec. 27   Jan Peterson




2021 CONTRIBUTION ENVELOPE NUMBERS REASSIGNED, effective January 1, in order to save on printing costs. The new envelopes will be distributed in December. Please note that your envelope number may have changed. Your current envelope number remains in effect until the end of December. After that, please discard or recycle any old ones you have on hand and begin using your new envelopes/number. Please note: To avoid accounting errors, it is important that you do not use the 2021 envelopes and numbers until January 1. Remember to always write your name on your contribution envelope, to ensure that your donation is credited properly.

CHRISTMAS CONNECTION UPDATE. GLC has looked forward to adopting families through the Christmas Connection for many years. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we will not be able to coordinate adopting families as a church this year. To continue in the giving spirit of the season, we encourage you to adopt a family on your own, or donate items, or donate financially to Christmas Connection or to your favorite non-profit organization or charity. Information for Christmas Connection can be found here:



THE WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENTS DEADLINE is by 9:00 a.m. on Tuesdays. Please try to keep to three lines or less or we may need to condense for space. Email the announcements to Lisa in the church office at graceluthch@earthlink.net.


GRACE NOTES NEWSLETTER DEADLINE is the 20th of the month prior to the publication month. If you have a topic to share, please send to Grace Notes Editor, Nick Gandy, at ngandyman@yahoo.com.


GRACE LUTHERAN PICTURE DIRECTORY UPDATE: The picture directory was mailed out recently to all who had their picture taken for the church directory or who purchased a copy. There are copies available for purchase for $6. If interested please contact Mary Grant, grantmlcic@hotmail.com or (609) 602-0155.

GRACE LUTHERAN SHUTTERFLY STOREFRONT FUNDRAISER. Shop the Shutterfly collection, a partnership created between Shutterfly and Lifetouch, that includes photo books, gifts, premium stationery, keepsakes, home décor and so much more—and for every purchase made, Shutterfly will donate 8% of the proceeds to Grace. Go to http://gracelutheran32308.shutterflystorefront.com/ to view the storefront and to place your order. If you have any questions, contact Mary Grant, (609) 602-0155 or grantmlcic@hotmail.com.


IMPORTANT PRAYER LIST UPDATE.  As of the new church year, Advent One (the last Sunday in November), we are ‘resetting’ the prayer list. People are welcome to submit names for inclusion on the ‘new’ list starting the week before.


FELLOWSHIP ZOOM. Dates and times of future calls will be announced. If you are interested in participating in future calls, please contact Mary Grant at grantmlcic@hotmail.com or (609) 602-0155.


COMMITTEES AND MINISTRY TEAMS CONTINUE TO MEET via conference calls, Zoom, or the like.


PLEASE DO NOT DROP ITEMS OFF AT THE CHURCH that you are finding as you declutter your closets. Please note that we do not store items for future yard sales and we do not anticipate having any yard sales in the near future. We suggest that you contact area charities to see if they are currently accepting clothing / books / crafts / household items / etc. for donation.


SAVE THESE DATES! While the corona virus has certainly put the kibosh on fellowship activities for a while, the following activities have been tentatively scheduled. Please mark your calendar and share any other ideas with Fellowship Committee Chair, Mary Grant, at grantmlic@hotmail.com.


February 7: Chili Cook-off / Super Bowl Party

February 14: Valentine’s Day Spaghetti Supper

Mardi Gras Party TBA: - (Ash Wednesday is Feb. 17)




IF YOU HAVE A NEED - any kind of need - or if you know someone else who does, please reach out for help. Many direct-service organizations are not open, but 211 has information and resources for those who are in need at this time (just dial “211” from your phone). In addition, please let the church know. There may be ways that we can help, people to whom we can reach out. So again, please keep us in the loop.


IF YOU NEED TO TALK about our physical church building being closed during this time, or about how you are feeling, or how you are coping, or if you need to vent or cry or even laugh, please know that Pastor Jenn and our Church Council are here to listen and share, and maybe do a little of that of our own. We are here for you. We want to hear from you. And we promise that you will continue to hear from us. We are all sad for what is - but we do indeed have hope for what is to come.


IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE of any kind, for any reason, we ask that you contact the church office. We are a community in Christ, and we are here to support, love and serve one another. Please let us know if you need anything.

WE RELY UPON YOUR CONTINUED BENEVOLENCE during this time for us and for our community outreach programs. Our expenses continue just as yours do and your benevolence allows us to continue to operate from day to day. We truly appreciate your generosity. If you wish to give an offering to Grace, we ask that you please send it through the mail. If you need to bring it to the church, please slide it under the door to the church office, and Lisa or I will collect it and put it in the safe for the offering counters. The address to mail your offerings and contributions is: Grace Lutheran Church, 2919 Miccosukee Road, Tallahassee, 32308.


WE ARE STILL TAKING DONATIONS IN SUPPORT OF MANNA ON MERIDIAN -- and they are still supporting those in need in our community. If you wish to drop off tuna, please do so by placing it in the plastic bin outside the door to the church office. You can do that any time. If you prefer, you may also support Manna by sending a monetary donation through the mail to us. Simply make the check out to Grace Lutheran Church and be sure to put "Manna" in the memo line, and we'll make certain your donation gets to them.


CLOTHES FOR MANNA ON HOLD. Due to COVID-19, clothing donations are no longer being accepted until further notice.

Grace Lutheran Constitution

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