The Relay for Life ‘Drive-Up Relay’

The Relay for Life ‘Drive-Up Relay’ will be held Saturday, May 15th from 4 – 7pm at Tallahassee Community College.

Each car will be allotted four parking spaces, and you are invited to bring lawn chairs, hang out, walk and dance to the music in your allotted space.

You can also donate to our Grace Relay Team here: Relay For Life | Cancer Walk | Cancer Fundraising Events

COVID-19 has put cancer patients at risk – attacking already weakened immune systems, delaying cancer treatments, and closing many clinical trials. Because of the impact cancer has had on our lives, we are doing something about it. We joined Relay For Life to remember people we’ve lost and offer up support to anyone in our community who is affected by cancer. And that’s why we need your support!

The funds we’re raising will help sustain critical research and patient services in this difficult time. Believe us, every dollar really does count, so we’re asking for your help. Please donate today, because together we can accomplish anything!

If you have questions, please contact Wendy at the American Cancer Society –


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