The COVID-19 pandemic brought more than a disease to our most vulnerable neighbors. In some communities it has meant hunger, as they’ve been cut off from food, seeds and critical farming supplies. In others, it has meant getting sick or dying from malaria, HIV or in childbirth because health centers are stretched too thin — or out of fear that they will catch the coronavirus at the hospital. The past year also brought devastating disasters, one after another. A massive explosion in Beirut killed hundreds and left 300,000 homeless. Back-to-back hurricanes in Central America decimated the crops and modest homes of people who were already living in grinding poverty. Between COVID-19 and the many challenges of 2020, the need for LWR Personal Care Kits around the world has grown and intensified. Meanwhile, LWR warehouse shelves are almost empty. But your love can make a difference. People of every age can share God’s love by making LWR Personal Care Kits — whether in individual families or in groups.

Lenten Activity for All Handout
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Please visit www.lwr.org/kits to access all the instructions you will need to put God’s love in action.


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