Grace Lutheran Church - Level 2 Opening Procedures

Dear Grace Members,

As we have slowly, carefully and prayerfully worked our way through the pandemic, the Worship and Music Committee, after reviewing CDC Guidelines, and policies other local churches have now put into place, has now suggested to move to the next level of precautionary attendance procedures. The Council has supported their recommendations. Most importantly, we want to encourage you to make the best decision for your own health concerns. The following procedures for Church attendance will now be used:

Day to Day Business


  • If you have not been vaccinated or have underlying health issues that may make you more susceptible to COVID-19, we will ask that you continue to wear a mask indoors.

  • If you have been vaccinated, the choice of whether or not to wear a mask indoors is yours. We may be at different places individually on this issue, and that is okay.

The Church Office / Council & Committee Meetings

  • The Church Office will be open to members and to the public.

  • In-person meetings regarding church business will be allowed in the building.

  • All announcements and website notices will reflect this opening.

  • All restrooms, classrooms, the library and the Fellowship Hall will be opened up and all “one way” and “do not enter” signs will be removed.

  • Signs reflecting these changes and welcoming people in will be posted on entry doors.

In-Person Worship

Worship Attendance

  • Reservations will not be necessary and worship attendance will not be limited.

Entering the Building

  • We ask that you please sanitize your hands upon entering the building for worship.

  • As you enter the Narthex and Sanctuary, please remain appropriately distanced from others.

  • All chairs will be placed in rows. Please do not sit directly behind or directly beside someone outside of your ‘seating group’ (i.e.: family or friends that normally sit together), and keep appropriate social distance between yourselves and other worshippers.

  • Worship leaders who are vaccinated (Pastor, Lay Readers, Assisting Ministers) may also decide for themselves whether or not to wear a mask.


  • Solos, duets and small groups, will be allowed with precautions.

  • We will continue to hold off on congregational singing at this time.


  • On your way in or out of the Sanctuary, please drop your offering into the plate(s) located toward the back of the church.


  • As you enter the Narthex, you will find the elements for Communion on the table there (pre-filled cups and wafers). There will also be a designated location for Gluten Free wafers and juice. Each person should take one of each element for the Meal. You will keep these with you at your seat until Communion, as has become our practice as of late.


  • As you exit, there will be a bin where you can place your empty cups and plastic bags.

  • Please keep appropriate social distance between yourself and others as you exit the Sanctuary and the building.


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