Manna on Median - 3rd Saturdays

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

See photos from Manna on Meridian. Thanks to all that participate!

MANNA ON MERIDIAN is a joint ministry of congregations around Meridian Road in Tallahassee. The idea is simple: to give nutritionally balanced bags of groceries to anyone who comes to our monthly distributions. No questions to answer, no forms to fill out – just sharing the gifts that God has given us.

You can be a part of this most important ministry by donating food, monetary contributions or your time!

Grace Lutheran Church is known as the "tuna church" for Manna on Meridian as our commitment is to provide all of the tuna for the monthly distribution day. This requires 400 cans of tuna monthly! Please place our tuna donations in the tuna basket in the Fellowship Hall. Also, monetary donations should be made out to Grace Lutheran Church with Manna on Meridian written on the memo line and placed in the offering basket or mailed to the church.

MANNA ON MERIDIAN DISTRIBUTION DAY is the third Saturday of each month. Thank you for volunteering to help the less fortunate. If questions, please contact Kris-Tena Albers (850-566-3635 or or Burt Von Hoff (850-508-7793 or