Invite Your One!

Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week, will hopefully be a special day at Grace. We have designated this Sunday as “Invite Your One” Sunday. Churches across the nation are seeing a decline in attendance. We at Grace, are not any different. Many people, now referred to as the “unchurched”, no longer attend church. Well, we want to open our doors to any friend you would like to invite to worship with us. You will be given an “Invite Your One” Invitation card to give to your friend, so that they feel welcome on this day. Hopefully, if they enjoy the experience, they will have a chance to attend many worship services during the following week: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and then of course, Easter Sunday.

Research tells us that if they come twice, that they just might call our church home from then on. So, please start thinking about who you will invite. As soon as they commit to coming, let us know, so we can have a name tag ready for them when they arrive. Let’s fill those seats on Palm Sunday! This day commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. Let us commemorate this day as we have new visitors enter our doors. Sharing how Lutherans worship during this special time may be exactly what someone needs to start attending church again. We know you have friends who have attended church before, and maybe some who actually attended this church before, but they currently do not attend anywhere. Well, it is time to come home. INVITE YOUR ONE!

Please check upcoming Bulletins for more information.

Joy Becker