Holy Communion Update

Dear People of Grace,

This coming Sunday, we are pleased to confirm that we will resume the sacrament of Holy Communion. However, as with most things in this time of pandemic, it will look a bit different. Below, please find a rundown of how we will share in the sacrament – both in person, and at home. Please also know that this will be printed in the bulletin on Sunday, and that Pastor Jenn will review it with us at the beginning of the service, and just before communion.

In addition, please know that this is optional. If you aren’t ready to participate, or feel uncomfortable doing so at in-person worship, you may simply listen to the words and participate in spirit. Again, there is a place on the reservation page to indicate that you do not wish to participate (which simply means we won’t put the elements at your seat.

For those with us in person:

When you enter the sanctuary, you will see that each chair has a small, plastic container of wine or juice (you will select which when you register). There will also be a snack-sized plastic bag on one of the seats with a wafer inside for each person in your group. If you asked for a gluten free wafer (again, you can select gluten-free when you register), it will be in its own bag (if you need more than one GF wafer, they will be together in one bag) and will be marked as “GF”.

For those participating from home:

We ask that you please have a small glass of wine or juice and a small piece of bread available for all who are planning to commune. It is probably easier to have the wine or juice pre-poured, and the individual pieces of bread in front of each communicant. If you are gluten-free, you may use GF bread or a GF cracker as you prefer.

When we come to the Meal portion of the service, please follow along on the screen or in the bulletin. We will go through the Great Thanksgiving and the prayers and, after the Lord’s Prayer, all will be invited to commune in unison – at Grace, and at home.

Again, Pastor Jenn will make an announcement about this on Sunday, and we will review this process again as we get to that portion of the service. We ask that you please be patient as we attempt to bring back this very important part of our Christian worship service. Thank you so much. See you Sunday!

The Congregational Council of Grace Lutheran Church